About AS53597

AS53597 represents Hoyos Consulting LLC and Four Lakes Broadband, a boutique ISP and consultancy providing business and residential internet services, colocation/datacenter services, managed services, expert level network consulting and large-scale temporary event networks across the world. We operate primarily in the Midwest area, but with a network backbone covering the US and providing blended transit services to ISP's across the Midwest.

Network Information

PeeringDB https://as53597.peeringdb.com
ASN AS53597
Max Prefix IPv4 1000
Max Prefix IPv6 100
NOC Contact noc (at) hoyosconsulting.com or +1 608 616 9950
Looking Glass https://lg.as53597.net/lg/

Peering Locations

AS53597 peers openly and agressively at any common exchange point locations, which currently include:

BGP Communities

General Action Communities
Community Action
53597:666 Blackhole Trigger - /32's from customers only
53597:62381 Do not advertise towards any WI partner caches (Akamai, Netflix, Google)
53597:63471 Do not advertise towards Madison, WI Netskrt cache

Transit Action Communities
Community Action
65001:6000 Do not advertise to any transit providers
65001:x000 Prepend towards all transit providers, 65001:1000 = 1x, 65001:2000 = 2x, 65001:3000 = 3x
6939:6000 Do not advertise to HE / AS6939
6939:x000 Prepend towards HE / AS6939, 6939:1000 = 1x, 6939:2000 = 2x, 6939:3000 = 3x
1299:6000 Do not advertise to Arelion (fka Telia) / AS1299
1299:x000 Prepend towards Arelion / AS1299, 1299:1000 = 1x, 1299:2000 = 2x, 1299:3000 = 3x
3356:6000 Do not advertise to Lumen (fka Level3) / AS3356
3356:x000 Prepend towards Lumen / AS3356, 3356:1000 = 1x, 3356:2000 = 2x, 3356:3000 = 3x
174:6000 Do not advertise to Cogent / AS174
174:x000 Prepend towards Cogent / AS174, 174:1000 = 1x, 174:2000 = 2x, 174:3000 = 3x

Peering Action Communities
Community Action
53597:63999 Do not advertise to any peers
53597:63000 Do not advertise to any peers on MadIX (Madison, WI)
53597:63001 Do not advertise to any peers on MKEIX (Milwaukee, WI)
53597:63002 Do not advertise to any peers on MICE (Minneapolis, MN)
53597:63003 Do not advertise to any peers on NWAX (Portland, OR)
53597:63004 Do not advertise to any peers on SIX (Seattle, WA)
53597:63005 Do not advertise to any peers on Equinix Chicago (Chicago, IL)
53597:63006 Do not advertise to any peers on IX-Denver (Denver, CO)
53597:63007 Do not advertise to any peers on QCIX (Davenport, IA)
53597:63008 Do not advertise to any peers on FCIX (Fremont, CA)
53597:63009 Do not advertise to any peers on KCIX (Kansas City, MO)
53597:63010 Do not advertise to any peers on CHIX (Chicago, IL)

Informational Communities
Community Description
53597:8000 AS53597 - Customer Prefix
53597:9000 AS53597 - Locally Originated
53597:2003 Prefix learned from Hurricane Electric / AS6939
53597:2004 Prefix learned from Lumen (fka Level3) / AS3356
53597:2006 Prefix learned from Cogent / AS174
53597:2007 Prefix learned from Arelion (fka Telia) / AS1299
53597:3000 Prefix learned from MadIX (Madison, WI)
53597:3001 Prefix learned from MKEIX (Milwaukee, WI)
53597:3002 Prefix learned from MICE (Minneapolis, MN)
53597:3003 Prefix learned from NWAX (Portland, OR)
53597:3004 Prefix learned from SIX (Seattle, WA)
53597:3005 Prefix learned from Equinix Chicago (Chicago, IL)
53597:3006 Prefix learned from IX-Denver (Denver, CO)
53597:3007 Prefix learned from QCIX (Davenport, IA)
53597:3008 Prefix learned from FCIX (Fremont, CA)
53597:3009 Prefix learned from KCIX (Kansas City, MO)
53597:3010 Prefix learned from CHIX (Chicago, IL)

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